Awesome Umbrella Chronicles in-game video

Brand new footage of the zombie shooter in action

We're really excited about Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. It's the first proper lightgun-style game on Wii, it shows the Resi universe from a new perspective and it looks bloody brilliant.

Capcom's latest trailer isn't even that high-res, but still you can see how amazing this game is going to look. The moody lighting, the high-detail environments and the shiny, detailed textures on the slimy beasts within - it all looks great.

It also shows the two-player mode, which was confirmed yesterday, in action.

Enough chatter. See it for yourself on the official Japanese site. From the front page, click on the central banner that says 'new', then on the 'PV vol.3' button in the video box. Boo-yah... enjoy.