Ten new GTA IV screens released

Finally Niko gets violent in ten sweet new screens of THAT Rockstar game

Never mind all these arty-farty screens of Niko standing in the sunset - here are ten brand-new shots of him doing just what we want him to do: going nuts, breaking out the guns and blowing stuff up.

Update: Check back at 6pm (GMT) tonight (July 25) for CVG's first-hand impressions of a new GTA IV demo and new high res screens.

They look like high-quality scans or something to us and we've been on to Rockstar to get the lovely high-res real ones. But the new Gears of War-esque cover system can be seen in action here, with Niko snooping around to get a scope of the situation before running in like a nutter. Check out the in-game facial expressions at work too, as Niko grits his teeth after blowing up a vehicle.

You can also see him hanging off the back of a lorry, Hollywood action movie-style - a feature that also appeared in the trailer that additionally showed him handing off the bottom of a flying helicopter. It looks like a cool mechanic employed when in pursuit of a fleeing target.

You can see the screenshots over on Magic Box.

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