PGR4 Too Big For DVD!

Bizarre claim standard format is too small...

Is this the beginning of the end for DVD? This month rumours claimed that Rockstar were struggling to squeeze Grand Theft Auto 4 onto one DVD, and now Bizarre have stated that cuts have had to be made to get Gotham 4 onto one disc...

Speaking on their forums, Bizarre internet 'boffin' Ben said: "You won't see different times of day per city because this involves recreating all the textures again (one for day and one for night). Whilst this wasn't a problem for our dev team, it was a problem fitting all this data onto a single DVD." He then categorically stated that the game will not be spread over two discs, so it seems that some content will be sacrificed.

Of course, this isn't the sort of news we want to hear. With Sony insistent that the extra capacity offered by Blu-Ray is a necessity for gaming, could this the point at which Microsoft start to look at the potential of Blu-Ray rival, HD-DVD?

Maybe. Before getting too worried, though, we shouldn't forget exactly what Bizarre have crammed onto the DVD. There are double the number of locations, more cars, bikes and a healthy spattering of other modes and options. And let's not forget the weather either. Part of the reason that there aren't day and night cycles in PGR4 is that the duplicate textures are too large. But Bizarre have instead created a new lighting system, which means that each weather type changes the look and feel of the city without having to replace the underlying textures. So who would want to simply choose night or day when you can race in a storm, snow, heavy fog or a lovely sunny day? And after seeing the game in action, all on one disc, we reckon we can state with certainty that there's plenty of life left for the humble DVD.