GT5 packs in 1000 cars - all fake

Update: Sony says nothing's been revealed about the amount of cars we can expect to see in GT5

According to reports on the web this morning (that have now been found out to be fake), Sony was reported to have announced that no less then 1000 cars would be in GT5.

The full Gran Turismo 5 car list was said to consist of 10000 cars but at the game's launch (looking like next year) there would only be 340 cars. The rest would then be released via downloadable content said the source.

Sony has told its ThreeSpeech blog that, "Despite news articles claiming that 'SCEI/Polyphony Digital' have made an official announcement with regards to GT5 featuring 1000 vehicles, we can confirm that this is pure speculation. It would appear that the list is a mixture of vehicles that were included in previous GT titles, coupled with somebody's own fantasy garage.

"Further details about GT5 will be announced in due course, but for the moment at least, we can confirm that the current car list/speculation, does not come from SCE."

Our hopes have been crushed... but only for the moment.