CoD 4 multiplayer beta US-only

Infinity Ward not as good as Bungie with multiplayer betas

Activision has crushed the hopes of UK and European gamers hoping to get in on the multiplayer beta for Infinity Ward's impressive FPS Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360.

The publisher has confirmed with CVG this morning that the beta test WILL BE for US residents only.

We're currently in the dark as to why this is the case. The Activision spokesperson we contacted was unable to elaborate. However, we ARE expecting an official line later today.

It's news that will gut FPS fans on these shores, especially with Call of Duty 4 looking so very great and clearly one of this Christmas' hottest games. A pre-release sample denied in favour of the US? We're angry AND disappointed.

Bungie and Microsoft gave us beta access to Halo 3, so why not Activision and Infinity Ward with CoD 4?

The Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta is scheduled to kick off this month, with participants - which won't be us - helping to optimise what Activision and Infinity Ward "hope is the best multiplayer experience of the year".

Good luck with that one, going up against Halo 3...

Multiplayer beta tests for console shooters are on the increase, and Sony's been quick to join Microsoft in the testing park.

PS3 game WarHawk has had a multiplayer beta, and we'd fully expect Sony to do the same with its PS3 flagship FPS Killzone 2. And you can bet we'll be given the chance to get in on that.