12 Essential Lego Indy scenes

Feature: Ohm num Shiva, Ohm num Shiva, Ohm num Shiva, Ohm num Shiva...

You wouldn't believe the smiles spreading around CVG Towers when LucasArts announced plans for an Indiana Jones Lego game. It's the one series of movies (after Star Wars) that we've been itching to see brought to the world of plastic bricks.

We know the game will cover all three existing Indiana Jones movies, but to date we've only been given a sneak glimpse of scenes from the films that will make the transition to the Lego world.

So, putting on our dirty brown Fedora and pretending we're shit-hot with a whip, we sat down and picked out 12 favourite scenes that simply MUST be included.

Escape from the giant stone ball
Okay, we're cheating a bit with this one as we've already seen it in the first Indiana Jones Lego trailer, but it's the iconic moment from the films. You know the score: after overcoming various horrible traps during the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy finally manages to get his hands on an artefact, only to end up being chased out a tunnel by a massive stone ball.

It's beautiful! The opening of the Ark
As the quest for the Ark of the Covenant reaches its climax, Indy's archaeologist opponent Belloq and his Nazi pals hold a Jewish ritual and open the Ark. What starts off all very nice with beautiful ghostly angels flying around turns nasty, and skin melts off the faces of the chief Nazis and Belloq's head exploding.

Imagine how good a melting plastic Lego head could look with today's technology. Whether this would get past censors is another matter.

Nerd alert! Incidentally, we wonder if LucasArts will include to little Raiders Easter Egg of R2-D2 and C-3PO appearing as hieroglyphics in the Well of the Souls...

Battle with the man with the big scimitar
Raiders of the Lost Ark is full of great moments, but Indy's battle with the big geezer in the turban wielding his scimitar like a ninja is a classic.

Our hero, you'll recall, is chasing Marion who has been kidnapped in Cairo and a crowd he's fighting through after engaging in fisticuffs with enemies suddenly parts and he's confronted by the bloke swishing his big sword around menacingly. Indy's face takes on an expression of, 'I really can't be arsed to fight this guy' so he pulls out his pistol and shoots him dead. And the cinema laughed.

Bar fight
For pure, unadulterated action in an Indiana Jones movie you don't have to look much further than the bar fight in Nepal in the early moments of Raiders. Indy, on the trail of an artefact that will help locate the Ark, tracks down his old flame and owner of the artefact in her bar. Of course, the Nazis are after the same object and it results in a mighty clash of fists and bullets which ends with the bar being burned to the ground. Whoops.

Snakes, why did it have to be snakes
Locating the resting place of the Ark turns from joy to fear for Indiana when he discovers the Well of the Souls is swarming with snakes. Locked in the 'tomb' with Marion by Belloq and the Nazis, Indy faces certain death-by-million-fangs as his flaming torch gutters out. Will he die? Na, of course he won't, but it's a brilliant tense moment that smacks of James Bond-style escapes from peril.

Ohm num Shiva
Evil Mola Ram magically 'ripping' the heart out the sacrificial victim before dropping him into a fiery pit of hell defines the gruesomeness of the Temple of Doom in delicious fashion.

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