12 Essential Lego Indy scenes

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In the uncut version of the movie, Ram is seen lifting the still-beating heart into the air, which bursts into flames when the victim plunges into the fire. Nasty. Throughout the ritual, the victim continually chants "Ohm num Shiva" (that may be phonetically interpreted). If you know what it means, please let us know.

Mine cart chase in Temple of Doom
Indy and his sidekicks have sneaked into the huge underground complex that's home to the Thuggee cult but naturally it's not long before they're discovered by the bad guys and a mass chase ensues. Its highlight is the mine shaft scene where a thrilling fight commences in racing mine carts.

It's classic edge of the seat stuff as Short Round gets used like a rope in a tug-'o-war match while the carts zip perilously along tracks precariously balanced on wooden beams high, high up the air.

Chilled monkey brains
The banquet scene in Temple of Doom is a brilliant juxtaposition of seriousness and comedy and still makes us laugh to this day. Dr Jones is discussing cult activity with guests while increasingly stomach-churning dishes are served up, much to the dismay and disgust of Short Round and Willie who are providing the light relief. Bugs, snakes slithering out of larger snakes, sheep eyeballs in soup - but the best moment is the arrival of chilled monkey brains served in monkey heads with the crowns sliced off. Great!

Rope bridge fight
Indy's Temple of Doom adventures reach their climatic moment when our hero finds himself trapped on a rope bridge spanning a huge chasm and a river infested with crocodiles. Is the only way out down? Nope. Indy - cheer! - decides to battle the odds and sever the bridge's support ropes with a machete. It's a perfect heart-leaping-into-the-mouth moment filled with suspense as the rope bridge halves slam into the sides of the chasm.

I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne
A favourite funny moment from The Last Crusade... Indiana and his father, Professor Henry Jones, are in a car being chased by a couple of German aeroplanes and end up crashing on a beach. One plane turns through the air and bears down on the hapless pair. Professor Jones suddenly opens up his umbrella, flaps it around and starts clucking like a chicken while advancing on birds on the sand.

Indy looks at him as if he's saying, 'WTF?', but the birds are scared into flight and the plane collides with the flock and crashes and burns. "I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne", says Professor Jones. "Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky..." What a guy.

Tank action
We love the tank scene from The Last Crusade, mainly because it features a great, nail-biting fight between Indiana Jones and one of the chief Nazis on top of the vehicle, but also due to the funny bit where Marcus Brody squirts a German in the eye with ink from a pen and quips, "Well don't you see? The pen is mightier than the sword!" Of course, it all ends with the tank rolling off the edge of a cliff, and everyone thinks Indy is dead - apart from the audience.

But in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an 'I'
It's only apt that we end with the edge-of-the-seat closing moments of The Last Crusade, and it's almost as though George Lucas were thinking, 'Hey, this would be really cool in a videogame'. To reach the Holy Grail, Indiana has to circumvent a number of fiendish traps with only cryptic clues to help him out, and the decapitation of a bloke who fails at the first trap isn't very encouraging. It ends with Indy having to take a literal leap of faith, before he finally gets his hands on the 'cup of Christ'.

So, do you have any classic Indy moments you'd love to see included in LucasArts' game? Let us know in the comments below.

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