Design an exclusive gaming T-Shirt with CVG!

High fashion and gaming chic in our great compo!

As part of our brave new move into the world of high fashion, with the recent announcement of our very own exclusive CVG T-Shirt, we've teamed up with our good friends Joystick Junkies to give you a chance to show us your talents, and design a gaming T-shirt of your very own.

Although what you design is entirely up to you, bear in mind what you're aiming for isn't just another gaming t-shirt, but a hot fashion item and the successful winner will see their t-shirt appearing in the fashion stores and shows across Europe as part of the Junkies' collection.

Martial Arts mania modelled by CVG's Mike and PC Zone's Suzy

We'll feature some of the best designs in our freshly opened CVG store where you can now buy Martial Arts Mania, the very first our classic CVG limited edition fashion tees, which is also pictured on these pages.

But back to your own design and the winning entry will have the great pleasure of earning a 150 smackers for their design plus the satisfaction of seeing their shirt up on the CVG store, featured throughout Joystick Junkies and in fashion emporia across Europe and the world! The ten runners-up will receive some splendid Joytick Junkies fashion t-shirts for their efforts.

So to get your creative juices flowing we've included a blank template for your design which you can view on the right and here's a few ideas and some of the restrictions in place for this here competition:

  • Be bold, original and creative! Imagine something you'd wear with pride and you won't go wrong. Check out the Joystick Junkies site for some examples.
  • Send your entries to Joystick Junkies by Joystick Junkies or by post to Joystick Junkies, Charlcote House, 101 Crawford Street. London. W1H 2HP
  • Your design can run over the T-Shirt's seams and can be as large as you want, plus you can use any combination of colours and design you like.
  • However avoid licensed gaming characters, logos and art. CVG and JJ won't be able to sign up a Mario, Sonic or Lara Croft license for this competition and your design won't get made.
  • However any ideas featuring CVG the sitr, past magazines and/or the Golden Joysticks logos, designs or art are very acceptable.
  • Joystick Junkies hold licenses for Midway Arcade Treasures and Space Invaders, so it's cool to feature those games in your design.
  • You should submit designs by the last day of August 31st and we'll announce the winner on the 7th September
  • As usual the judges decision will be final and the judging panel will be from both CVG and Joystick Junkies