Wii: The Ones to Watch

Article: Nintendo saves the best for Xmas

Wii owners have reason to be very excited indeed. Wii may have kicked off with a bang before going infuratingly quiet, but Nintendo has a console-killing line-up going into the end of the year.

Super Mario Galaxy should be at the top of everyone's list. It looks incredible. Metroid Prime 3 looks just a awesome, and finishes off a fantastic trilogy. We really wanted to mention Endless Ocean (Forever Blue) too - we're strangely intrigued by it's niche diving gameplay - but there are too many other games to talk about.


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy has to be the single most exciting game coming to Wii in 2007. Having been a little disappointed with Super Mario Sunshine, we're hoping Galaxy will make up for the GameCube game's shortcomings.

Easily the best looker, Galaxy is taking Mario back to his roots of raw platforming, losing the hovering ability and exploring worlds full of awesome, nonsensical platforms and obstacles - just the way a Mario game should be. The new Bee Suit Mario looks ace but we're praying Tanuki Mario is revived.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The first two Prime games on GameCube are without a doubt two of the best games on the console, so we're obviously buzzing with excitement over getting our hands on the sequel that will conclude the trilogy on Wii.

The only flaw in the GC games was the weird control system which did not allow for easy strafing, nor did it let you control the look camera to look around the room while you were moving. But that won't be a problem on Wii, with a control system similar to Red Steel that has been refined to near perfection.

Controls aside, we just can't wait to explore another Metroid-infested world. The richly detailed, dark and ambient worlds of the first two Prime games made for some of the best graphics in the last generation, and Prime 3 already looks great on Wii. We're hoping to see Metroid release around or before October 2007. Fingers crossed.


Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Sega fans will be hoping that the Japanese developer gets its ass in gear and sorts Wii out with a new House of the Dead (or even just a compilation of the old ones). This isn't that, but it's close enough.

This zombie shooter is special because it's attempting to take the fairly basic nature of on-rails shooters to new levels of depth and innovation with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. You can move the camera with the analogue stick while you shoot with the Wii Remote, and you can slash the Remote as a sword. It's great fun.

Add to that some of the darkest and most detail graphics on the Wii, as well as uncovering the whole mystery behind the shady Umbrella Corporation and you've got a game of awesome. It comes with the Wii Blaster controller too!


No More Heroes

The trailer for No More Heroes (formerly known as Heroes) blew us away, and now we can't wait to see what Suda 51, developer of the crazy Killer 7, has up his sleeve for his first Wii game.

Its abstract world seems to be every bit as twisted as Killer 7, with the player setting out to kill the top ten assassins in the world to render himself the best killer alive.

The unique, plain-shaded graphics once again mixes with the extreme violence and gore to make for one of the most unique-looking games on Wii, and the strange imagination of Suda's development team is sure to come up with characters equally as intriguing and twisted as those in Killer 7. And hopefully they'll be as hilariously foul-mouthed, too.

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