Free stuff alert: MMO Archlord

Forget buying the game, says Codemasters, you can have it for free - free expansion now available too

Free stuff alert: Korean MMO Archlord that Codemasters brought West is playable for nowt over here, as you can now download the client for free. You don't have to pay a subscription fee either (which has been the case since January 2007) and even nab a new free expansion - Episode 2: Season of Siege - that's been released.

Should you wish to embrace all this free-ness, then you need to click this link we've handily provided for you.

Archlord came out here at the end of last year to a bit of a rocky reception. The MMO combines traditional genre features with the ability to become the Archlord of the title, the daddy, the boss man of the server, who gets to rule over the game world for a month.


Sounds a bit too much like real work to us, but it's free so don't let that put you off. There's also a compo for the title too, that'll let you win a suit of armour (pictured). Try and get served down the pub in that! Hit the link above for more details.