GC: Haze four-player co-op screens

Plus five new screenshots from the single-player mode

New screenshots from Free Radical's shooter Haze to blast out of this week's Games Convention in Leipzig show a hefty dose of four-player co-op action, in addition to the game's single-player mode. Check them out.

Haze is set in a near-future where the government has outsourced military operations to private multinational corporations. In single-player mode, you take on the role of Jake Carpenter, a soldier who works for the Mantel Corporation, which means he has access to high-tech vehicles, kick-ass weapons and performance enhancing bio-medical support.

The new co-op screens released show the mode from both the side of the game's Mantel faction and the Rebel faction.

Haze is exclusive to PS3 this year, and will release on PC and Xbox 360 some time in 2008.