GC: Sony scoops FIFA 08 World Cup

Sony joins EA as new presenting partner for the tournament. MS out in the cold?

FIFA, EA and Sony have all jumped into bed together for the new season of the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Btu with Sony joining as "new presenting partner for the tournament" on PS3 we wonder if 360 will still hold a similar event.

The fourth edition of the compo starts in October and culminates in the grand final in Berlin's Sony Centre in May 2008.

We don't anticipate Microsoft being anywhere near the Sony Centre, so this looks like a PS3 exclusive event from now on. Whether Microsoft has something on the side, we'll have to wait and see.

FIFA Executive-Member Chuck Blazer, said, "The FIFA Interactive World Cup is a great way to bring together football gamers and the wider football community. With the introduction of the new format, we have taken yet another big step towards establishing the FIFA Interactive World Cup as the world's leading football gaming competition, just like the FIFA World Cup is for football on the field of play."