Mario Galaxy video walkthrough #3

Feature: Mmm... Honeybee Galaxy

You want more footage of the gorgeous Super Mario Galaxy, don't you? No problem because we've got another entire level blown wide open.

Last week, we took readers through the Egg Planet Galaxy in part one, and the stunning, rarely-seen Cookie Factory Galaxy in part two of our four-part video feature. Those are all must-see videos, by the way.

We're not stopping there though. Today, the Galaxy tour guide takes you through the ultra-lush-looking Honeybee Galaxy - the biggest free-roaming level shown so far, where you can see Mario donning his new Bee Suit, and swinging on a trapeze.


Honeybee Galaxy: Bee Mario Takes Flight!

Honeybee Galaxy is the level most reminiscent of the almighty Super Mario 64. Its open green areas, water streams and yellow paths come in complete contrast to the dark, rock-field void of the space levels. You should also know that it's the home of the all-new Bee Suit.

As Bee Mario you can fly, although only momentarily, and not too far either. Mario's little bee wings can only haul his heft for a few seconds and a few feet before the Fly meter, which appears near Mario when he takes off, depletes and he falls victim to gravity.

The Bee suit also allows Mario to cling onto and clamber up honeycomb walls, and alight on hovering flower platforms that would otherwise cave under normal Mario's weight. Water is the suit's big weakness though - touch it and you lose it.

This makes for some awesome platforming, with one section consisting of a series of hovering flowers surrounded by water-spurting pipes.

The ultimate aim of the Bee World is to reach the giant queen bee (who sports the most amazing fur shading ever, by the way). She has an itch, which turns out to be being caused by star shards. You climb around her grabbing the shards to complete the shooting star which pings you through the air to one of the 120 power stars to be found in the game.

Click the thumbnail on the right and enjoy. More Mario Galaxy videos on the way, folks.