See the bland Halo 3 Special Edition theme

It's green, it's Halo 3, but will it shift Jessica Simpson from CVG's 360 menu blades?

The background pictures that will make up the Halo 3 Limited Edition theme have been revealed, but it seems seductive pictures of Jessica Simpson will be remaining on our 'box for some time to come.

They're, well... bland. The plain shades of green (pictured) may carry off a military theme, with feint Halo 3-related markings etched into them but they're just boring. They're free, mind you.

But if Jessica's curves don't tickle your fancy you really should invest in (a pair of glasses?) the alternative 150-point Halo 3 theme.

Its four high-res shots taken from the first Halo 3 trailer will light up your Xbox with a little more sparkle and detail than the Limited Edition theme.