New FIFA 08 screens

But what did you think of the demo?

EA has released a handful of new screens for the 360 and PS3 versions of kick-'em-up FIFA 08. But they're not actual screens, they're fancy ones that give you no idea of how the game is played. One day they'll learn...

So the playable demo's been doing the rounds now on both 360 and PS3 but what did you think? Here are a few comments from the forum taken word for word.

DaRockwilder1: The PS3 version looks awful compared to the 360. Colours look blander and the graphics look far too jagged, whereas the 360 version is smooth.


Gaz Vonhammer: first impressions go a long way, my first impression fifa not all that.

Wakey: well it took ages to download but now i got it its bloody brilliant

shellster2: Slow and it didn't feel like football to me. I must be too used to playing Pro Evo.

bigboss50: quick impressions - Nice and fluid football all good but the game really shines when you change the camera to pro and then you play it like the new "be a pro mode" cant wait to play 5v5 online