Two Stonking Exclusives THIS WEEK!

Assassin's Creed and PGR4 incredi-clusives storming the blog over the next five days...

First: sorry about the lack of updates last week. We were wading through possibly the worst deadline we've ever had - until next month. Second: we're going to make it up to you this week with a couple of bee-yoo-tiful exclusives. Read on for more...

Today - finally - Ubisoft have brought the long-awaited ASSASSIN'S CREED down for us to see, play and pound into the ground. We banned from talking about anything we see until 12 October, but we will have an interview with Patrice Desillets - one of the chief brains behind the game - which, fingers crossed, we'll chuck up here later in the week.

Also: PROJECT GOTHAM RACING 4 fans rejoice! We've got review code in the office, it's bloody brilliant, and we're going to ram some stunning footage of the game in action right up here on our blog over the course of the next couple of days.

So... keep checking back. It's gonna be 'neat'.