PGR4 - Video Interview

Lead designer Ged Talbot on weather, bikes and future Kudos

Until now, a new Project Gotham was always a showcase event. PGR1 launched alongside the Xbox, PGR2 sped onto Xbox Live and PGR3 gave us our very first taste of Xbox 360 racing.

PGR 4 on the other hand has nothing to offer other than gameplay; More challenges, remixed online features, Weather effects and, oh yeah; bikes, are the order of the day.

With no hardware learning curve to distract them, Bizarre Creations could've pumped out its best racer yet - but wait until next week for our full verdict.

On our recent trip to Bizarre Creations we managed to corner series veteran and PGR 4 lead designer Ged Talbert. Click over to the movie on the right to see what he had to say.