Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Groping around for a man in the dark has never been such fun...

The traumatic events of the terrific original Condemned left formerly squeaky clean ex 'tec Ethan Thomas a truly broken man. But now there's a whole new bio-terror shitstorm gathering, and our favourite tramp basher is chucked right back in the thick of things.

Lead Designer Frank Rooke reckons there's a good deal more emphasis placed upon engaging with your environment and eliciting 'emotional responses' from its denizens in this sequel. Case in point: as a street hoodlum walked past muttering curses under his breath, the a prompt flashed up, resulting in Thomas giving him the finger. Hmm, some emotional response, that.


You'll also be able to slide through chain fences, chat with recurring characters that'll actually play a part in gameplay and - most importantly - slog away with both fists, leading to some sweet new melée attacks, chain combos, slow-mo blocks plus WWE-worthy neck-snapping holds. We love snapping necks, us.

Too 'Shot to Trot
Forensics is also the big buzzword this time round, especially when considering how exciting yet totally half-assed it all felt in the original. Now you'll really have to strain that noggin. For instance, in order to identify a murdered cop we had to root around for his badge, check the officer number, take piccies of the corpse, decide whether the bullet wound was entry or exit and finally mull over whether he'd crawled to his final resting place or been dragged... All gripping, technical stuff - budding Gil Grissoms should lap it up.

All this just serves to emphasise just how dark, visceral, totally brooding and bloody brutal Bloodshot really is. Whether you're beating some gimp to a bloody pulp with a brick you've ripped out of a wall, or ditching a corpse in a dumpster, or using your CSI tools to work out just how a brutally mangled body wound up that way, or kicking a Rottweiler to death, or legging it from a gibber-ing maniac in a pitch black store-room...

Condemned 2 will get the adrenaline pumping in a way few other videogames ever come close to - guaranteed.