PES 2008: Wii Interview

Producer Akiyoshi 'Greyhound' Chosogabe reveals all on the Wii version

Pro Evolution Soccer has long been a lunchtime favourite and with the series finally competing on all formats, this is going to be one to watch as it takes on EA's FIFA franchise.

While the PS3 version of PES has been grabbing all the attention (it's set to debut this month) it's the intriguing Wii version which has PES purists scratching their beards, wondering just what the series has in store.

While we had a first glimpse of Pro Evo 2008 on Wii at last week's Pro Evo finals in Seville, we also managed to have a word with Akiyoshi 'Greyhound' Chosogabe, producer of the Wii version. Trivia fans might like to know that he first cut his teeth on the Pro Evo Management title.

Before you go, don't forget to check out our exclusive news about the Classic Controller, where you'll also discover a splendid movie detailing PES Wii's intriguing new control method.

What's been the most challenging part about developing a version of PES for Wii?

Greyhound: It was challenging to create a brand new control system and the most difficult thing for me was having a brand new way of thinking. Of course all of the development team are core PES fans, but even some of the team didn't initially like the idea of a brand new control system. But I wanted to create a brand new PES.

We've only seen the game in the training mode, don't you think controlling several players at the same time in a real game could prove difficult?

Greyhound: I showed you an actual match in the trailer on the screen yesterday and I'm just using the training mode because time is very limited.

But it's not so difficult to use this control scheme in an actual match. I think players will easily get used to this control method, but I wanted to show the simple method and training is the easiest way to show this.

Would you say the Wii version is one for hardcore players? Wii is geared more towards casual players in Europe, is this the same in Japan?

Greyhound: In the beginning I wondered if we would have to create a casual game, because the Wii is a more of a casual player's machine. But I thought it would be boring if we create it as a more casual game. Therefore in the beginning I abandoned any plans to make this a more casual version and started to look for a brand new direction.

With Mario Strikers Charged Nintendo created the first online game for Wii in Europe. Did you ever consider including an online mode in Wii PES?

Greyhound: I'm still in research and development to have Wi-Fi functionality, but currently there are some issues to be solved before we have an online version of the game.

Did you ever consider controlling the game with your feet? Using the Wii-mote in that way? Using your foot to shoot for example?

Greyhound: In the beginning we had the idea of putting the Nunchuck controller on your boot and actually one of the team put it on his foot.

But it wasn't quite as interesting as we expected [laughs]. The guy who put the controller on his foot looked very awkward and it did not look like playing football at all. It looked like he had something wrong with his foot, so it was not a very successful experiment.

As well as the new control scheme, will you support the Classic Controller with this Wii version?

Greyhound: The base of this Wii version is the PS2 version, so technically it's possible to have classic control. But I'm focussing on creating a brand new game system so I don't have any plans to use the Classic Controller.

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