Capcom's Dark Void - too early to call

Latest action game from Crimson Skies dev Airtight Games looks great and horribly generic at the same time, says us

Capcom has unveiled a brand new action IP coming to next-gen consoles in 2008, Dark Void from Airtight Games - the studio that worked on Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

There's been mixed reactions from Capcom's gamers day trailer, which showed both on foot and air combat including massive Master Chief-style lunges onto other aircraft. Half of us thought the air combat looked bloody brilliant, but the ground stuff is admittedly looking a bit generic at the moment.

Story-wise Dark Void rambles on about an ancient race that once journeyed to earth eons ago, worshiped by humans as gods until we got all self-righteous and turned against our masters.

Banished in to their own parallel dimension, the "Watchers" have now returned with all manor or spaceships and nasty laser guns. Basically, it's Stargate with a different name.

It's currently down for a release at the tailend of next year, though going by Capcom's unwillingness to talk, we'd be surprised if it's out that soon.