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Army of Two. Late...

EA delays its co-op shooter until next year...

Electronic Arts has pushed back Army of Two for PS3 and 360 to "early next year", saying the game needs more polish.

"Army of Two has potential to become a lasting EA franchise -- so getting the first title right is essential," Frank Gibeau, head of EA Games, said in a statement.

Analyst Michael Pachter, after looking into his crystal ball, expects the game to do about $54 million in revenue in EA's fiscal third quarter.

"It's an important game for them if they hope to establish it as a franchise," Pachter said. "It shouldn't have much of an impact, but the market always seems to assume the worst about the company."

That's probably because EA just bought BioWare, and everyone fears we're looking at Mass Effect 2010 World Cup Edition on every platform. Including mobile phones and Teletext...