Golden Joysticks here at last!

Predictions inside...

The 25th Annual Golden Joysticks Awards kick off tomorrow at 2.30pm. The voting's now closed, so we've taken one final look at the nominations to tell you who should bag the gold...

We've been harping on about this already in our podcast, but we reckon that Gears of War is a shoe-in for the Xbox Game of the Year. It trounces over most of the other titles on the list, especially Call of Duty 3 and Lost Planet: two games which are also in that category.

Despite that, we're hoping against hope that you voters have gone with Rainbow Six: Vegas as your prime candidate, as it's been an underdog love story for us. Everyone knows Gears of War is great, but we believe that, this time, Tom Clancy's cronies should be the ones up on stage. Cliffy B, remain seated.

The Nuts All Nighter and Online Game of the Year awards are other Gears versus Vegas match-ups, but for both of these World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade is a likely winner. After all, the geeky chap sat at his PC playing WoW into the small hours is a cliché that sadly isn't far off the truth.

One accolade that Gears should have a fair chance at winning is the Ultimate Game of the Year, though there are plenty of notable competitors. God of War II, Wii Sports, and Zelda: Twilight Princess are a few to name, but the former can be repetitive in its hack 'n' slash action, the middle option can't really be considered as "ultimate", and the latter is a journey that many players have seen before. This has to leave Gears' campaign battles, online options and extended lifespan to pick up the win.

On the flip side of gun-toting 'ard men, there's Viva Pinata, up for The Sun Family Game of the Year award. Despite not delivering to the core Xbox 360 audience, there's nothing more family friendly then adorable fluffy things which you can cultivate and care for in a luscious garden. This has to be a sure thing - mark our words.

Don't think our words are good enough? Well then stick around or to see funny man David Mitchell (of Peep Show fame) presenting the awards live from tomorrow at 2.30pm.

Oh, and before we forget... Bliss Girls' Choice Award? Crackdown? Awww yeah.