This guy has Mario Galaxy already

Naughty, naughty...

Nintendo last week sent out copies of Super Mario Galaxy to select US retailers for in-shop demo kiosks. Predictably, one dodgy employee ripped the game to the internet.

When played in the demo pods in stores, the game enforces a time limit - so you can't just camp out in a shop and finish the game there. But someone realised that when played on a normal retail Wii at home, the same demo discs actually contain the whole game.

Now that disc is circulating around the darker corners of the internet, where this bloke has downloaded it from, and is now gloating as he enjoys the stolen goods, three weeks before its release.

Before you go on a mental search yourself though, first be aware that while his Wii looks like yours, it's not - it's been opened and modified to play dirty copies. Something you shouldn't do. Plus, if Nintendo finds you they will hit you with a giant, corporate DK barrel.