Wolfenstein director talks "big popcorn adventure"

"What's not to like?" says Roger Avary of id's Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Movie director Roger Avary has worked on movies such as Silent Hill and Beowulf, but he passed on the silver screen iteration of Driver (probably for the best). But he's bang into his Wolfenstein. Has been since he was a kid.

Speaking to horror blog Fangoria, Avary beamed, "One of the foremost experiences I had growing up was playing Wolfenstein 3D. I played the original Castle Wolfenstein game, but really it was 3D that changed things. It was like a quantum leap in graphics at that point, and it was the first time I was transported inside another world and in control of it. My avatar was me, and when I turned it off, it was like I was leaving a very real world."

We feel strangely compelled to point out that it's only a game kids. It's not real.

Avary continues, reafirming our very own thoughts, "What's not to like? You have guys shooting Nazis, storming bunkers, blowing up bridges and busting dams. To me, there's this proud tradition of guys on a mission in WWII . I already loved that, along with monster films, and Castle Wolfenstein kind of pulls both of those together.

"So when the opportunity to do this movie came up-through Samuel Hadida, who produced my first film (Killing Zoe), I was like, 'Hands down, I'm in.' That's the kind of adventure for me. It's something I want to do, and I'm finishing the script now. I've kind of done the festival film circuit; I want to make a big popcorn adventure movie, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein seemed like the perfect thing for me."

Whatever you do, don't mess this up Avary...