Alone in the Dark Halloween scares

New trailer, perfect to get you in the mood for answering the door every. Bloody. Five. Minutes to handout sweeties

Atari has phoned, e-mailed and yelled from the hilltops to make us aware of its spooky new Alone in the Dark trailer - perfect to get us in the mood for egging chavs later this evening.

Originally announced in 2005, the survival horror remake's finally shuffling towards a release on Xbox 360 and PC in March 2008 - though the PS3 versions been said to be arriving slightly after (which, sadly, isn't a surprise).

Graphically, it's still looking very pleasing. You'll have to wait a bit later before we find out if it plays as nicely, though considering the amount of time it's been in development we're hoping it's at least decent.

You'll also see that it's sporting a fiery new logo, which looks far less generic than the previous one. Well done, Atari art boys.