NiGHTS weather screens - what went wrong?

New "A-Life" mode connects to weather channel, graphics clearly not a priority

NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams will be the first Wii game to link to the weather channel to recreate a true-to-life weather system.

The game use data streamed from the internet via the weather channel to imitate the weather in your part of the world, so if it's sunny outside, it's sunny in the game, and if you live in UK it's constantly pissing down in the game.

This feature comes into play in a new virtual pet "A-Life" mode in which you look after and breed your own creatures. The mood of your creatures is effected by the weather, making them behave in different way when depending on what it's like outside - a bit like your girlfriend.


But we're actually going to rename it the "No-Life" mode, because the bare minimum graphical detail in these first shots of the mode are as lifeless as our Wii (which broke down last week - right before the Mario Galaxy launch. Bastard).

Have a look in disgust at these screens. Are they better or worse than these shots from Cruis'n, which we this morning thought were worst Wii screens we'd ever seen?