Guitar Hero III storms Nintendo WFC

Activision's rhythm action a hit with online Wii owners

Nintendo's free online service has been taken by storm with legions of rockers hitting the internet to face off against fellow five-button guitarists.

Stats for the week ending November 4 show that mighty DS titles such as Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Metroid Prime Hunters and even Zelda: Phantom Hourglass were all knocked down a slot when GH III charged in with 622,580 connections, placing second only behind the predictably popular Pokemon Diamond/Pearl games which saw an astonishing 1,455,526 connections.

The recently-released first party war game, Battalion Wars 2, only managed 35,982 connections. Good news for Activision.

Check out the full list of official figures (via NeoGAF) below:

  • [NDS] Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - 1,455,526 connections*
  • [WII] Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - 622,580 connections
  • [NDS] Animal Crossing: Wild World - 268,796 connections
  • [NDS] Mario Kart DS - 242,202 connections
  • [WII] Mario Strikers Charged - 155,239 connections
  • [NDS] Metroid Prime Hunters - 154,945 connections
  • [NDS] The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - 126,388 connections
  • [WII] Pokémon Battle Revolution - 88,287 connections
  • [NDS] Pokémon Fushigi no Dungeon Toki/Yami no Tankentai - 86,818 connections**
  • [NDS] Jump! Ultimate Stars - 86,588 connections

* Pokémon Diamond - 860,143 | Pokémon Pearl - 595,383
** Pokémon Dungeon Toki - 46,365 | Pokémon Dungeon Yami - 40,453