Fan rage over locked Uncharted demo

US-only demo sparks UK riot, Naughty Dog dealing with the problem

One of the major plus points of the PS3 is its import-friendly, region free properties (for PS3 games only, that is) but the US-released Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo threw that out the window when UK PS3 owners found it locked out PAL machines. And they're not happy.

As more knowledgeable PS3 owners will know, it is possible to create PSN accounts for any region, allowing you to download content that isn't available on the UK Store. But the US demo of Naughty Dog's jungle adventure is the first ever to be locked to that region, meaning it won't work on UK consoles.

"I still cant get my head around a region locked demo ffs," rages one blogger. "I hope that this wasn't on purpose? I think it's a bad move by Sony or publishers etc, to start region locking damn demos," said another. Those are the tamest comments.

On the plus side, Naughty Dog has responded to the cries. "We hear you loud and clear", a correspondent said on the official PlayStation blog. "We have shared your frustration with the Naughty Dog team and we are going to see what we can do. I will be back tomorrow with an update, but in the meantime I hope you can be patient and bear with us".

"Naughty Dog is a studio that listens to gamers, so I hope to have good news for you soon", they added.

We hope so, too.