MX Vs. ATV: Untamed

Versus cars Versus trucks vs... well, pretty much everything...

Let's pop the old wank hat on for a second and say that MX vs ATV Untamed is a game 'built for the enthusiast but is no less accessible to the casual racing fan'. What we mean in norm-speak is that it's a game made by bike nerds for bike nerds but is still a bit of fun for us plebs.

MX vs ATV has been around under one name or another since 1998. Rainbow Studios first started flinging the mud around on the PC with Motocross Madness and over the years they've added bits and pieces to the formula - first it was more tracks and bikes in the MX Madness sequels, then ATV Offroad Fury for the PS2, starring quadbikes. Afterward, the two couldn't stay apart, so bikes took on Quads in MX vs ATV Unleashed for the original Xbox.


All this is to say that Rainbow know exactly what they're doing when it comes to racing, and those 'enthusiasts' have been waiting three years for this instalment to arrive. None of this Motorstorm nonsense for the hardcore MX fan.Oh, no - they don't want Tesco Cola, they want the Real Thing.

Local bike
For us regular folk, the sponsored gear/pro racer business can be put aside. This is a racing game with loon-o-physics, rugged terrain and more ways to play than ever. Those silly little 50cc bikes you see grown men riding around pikey estates like they're Eddie Kidd? They're in. How about Monster Trucks? Yep, they're in too. You like crazy dune buggies? In. Trophy Trucks? In. Quadbikes and Motorbikes? In and in.

Untamed sets its tracks in colossal open worlds where you can race laps, point to point, play for a high stunt score or just free-ride around the world in 12-player online modes. In the stadium you'll race in MX and ATV Supercross around tight tracks, and play the all-new Endurocross mode where logs, rocks and waist-deep water pepper the track. Where regular races challenge you to go fast, Endurocross is a battle to just stay on the vehicle.

Meanwhile, The Real Thing is packed with superstar racers, branded gear, and a Career mode that'll take you through every vehicle and discipline there ever has been.