2008's Best Xbox Games

The ten we'd quit our jobs for (joke)

The popular question at the moment is, after such a massive year for Xbox, what on earth does 2008 have left for Microsoft's white box? Apart from Banjo...?

Peering into the next 12 months we can name at least ten games (and erm, we have) you'll be tussling in the shopping aisles to get for your Xbox next year. And knowing Microsoft there's undoubtedly dozen more under wraps. But let's go with what we know, shall we?

So here's what we're excited about then. And if they all get delayed at least we've got a big enough pile from this Christmas to finish off.

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Despite going AWOL for over a year (it was X06 when we last saw Rare's teaser trailer) Microsoft promises that the third Banjo-Kazooie game is still alive and kicking.

Despite that, we still know bugger all about it. From the trailer though it looks like we can expect more lush platforming, jiggy hunting and chirpy characters that'll get you dirty looks when you impersonate them in the pub (we don't do that, promise). Will Rare be able to top Galaxy and Ratchet & Clank Future though? They'll break the silence soon enough, we reckon...

More bird on bear here.


Too Human

Thanks to the controversy surrounding Silicon Knights' lawsuit with Epic, Too Human has quickly become lost in the legal banter and exec mud slinging. Which is a shame, because it probably deserves a lot more attention that it's currently getting past the Unreal Engine hoo-ha.

Artistically, it's looking fantastic and Silicon Knights has pushed it back significantly enough to suggest that the problems encountered in the last playtest have been ironed out - even if the Epic tussle is said to be causing a total engine re-write. We remain quietly optimistic... Eternal Darkness was a gem, of course.

Find out if it's human after all. Snigger.


Fallout 3

Fallout's hardcore PC fans might be quaking at the third game's new action-RPG clothes, but it's hard not to have high expectations for Bethesda's post apocalyptic stat-cruncher after the mind-boggling scope of Oblivion.

As a young lad locked up in a nuclear bunker, your adventure kicks off when you attempt to track down your father who's managed to escape the dusty underground confines and venture into the outside world. A world which has now got lots of mutants and burnt down monuments in it, mind. With Bethesda at the helm, it probably won't be rubbish.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

Who would've thought that after all the trailers, all the teasing magazine reports and adverts, the Grand Theft Auto IV hype would be killed by a single announcement.

Yep, this should've been in the 2007 round-up feature but for whatever reason Rockstar's fourth crime buster is now due early next year.

It was looking fantastic earlier this year but this Christmas' line-up has pushed the 360 and PS3 benchmark up even higher. Will GTA IV still be able to impress? Ask us in a couple of months...

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