The Nintendo Games of 2007

Feature: The ones that weren't just for the mainstream

This year has been a strange mix of extremely good, and frustratingly bad, for us Nintendo gamers.

On the one hand, it's been a year of trial and (mostly error) as developers fumbled to get to grips with Wii's control style and rushed to take advantage of its phenomenal popularity.

That, for hardcore gamers at least, has meant enduring one 'mainstream' or poorly executed game after another as well as shoddy PS2 ports and a long wait for the good stuff to start showing up.

But here was good stuff, despite the downs. This year has stood out for us as one of the most important years for Nintendo. We've had two of the best games in Nintendo's history - Mario Galaxy and Phantom Hourglass - and the collaboration of Mario and Sonic topped by the fact that Nintendo is back to being number one, after a decade of trailing PlayStation brand.

Here are CVG's DS and Wii highlights of 2007:


Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy screenshots were promising, and while we were all going out of our brain in the wait for its release, the truth is no one knew whether it'd be another Super Mario Sunshine disappointment, or the true sequel to the mighty Super Mario 64 we all want.

It is the latter, and a lot more. It's like Nintendo phoned us up and asked: "Hey guys, what would be in your perfect Mario game?" Hardcore platforming, a mix of open worlds and old-school linear levels, new and old powers, both retro and new orchestrated music, the best graphics on Wii and a huge splash of originality (the gravity mechanics). That's what would be in our perfect Mario game, and this has the lot. This game is the definition of Nintendo.

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The Metroid Prime trilogy is a bit of a weird one. All three games are without among the best on their platforms, but the first two on GameCube cause a split in the fans, some because of its new first-person view, but mostly because of the unorthodox and somewhat restrictive controls. It was a love/hate thing.

But MP3 not only fixes that, but demonstrates what great things Wii's Remote pointer and Nunchuk combination can do with first-person shooters. So instead of worrying about holding different buttons to strafe, you can concentrate on exploring some of the richest and most detailed worlds on Wii, and taking on the biggest and most spectacular bosses of the series.

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Guitar Hero III

Finally, the awesome rhythm-action series that PlayStation and Xbox fans have been rocking out to for so long arrived on Nintendo, and it's about bloody time.

We often hear people say "if you practice to be good at this game you might as well practice on a real guitar." Because that takes ages and we want to be able to play Welcome to the Jungle right now. Loudly.

There's something super satisfying about hitting the notes on Guitar Hero - you're not just hiting buttons in time with music, you're playing that music. Plus, you can't connect a real guitar to the internet and jam with friends from long distance, can you?

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