Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Get Agent 47 on the phone - we've two blokes to be put out of their misery...

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Kane & Lynch also looks as ropey as it plays. Bland textures make up most of the world. It's lazy, and not what we've come to expect from PS3 games (See out Call Of Duty 4 review). Even the Collateral-inspired often find yourself stepping away and into a barrage of gunfire.


Apart from the Retomoto office battle and the lovely bit where you bust into a prison to round up your men for a big job, Kane & Lynch will leave you cold. You'll get plenty of gun-toting action and plenty of baddies to carve down, but for every moment you go "Wow, this is pretty good," there's another when you'll be cursing it to hell. Take the bit where Kane's daughter is brought to a building site to be executed. She's cowering in a hole as a screen-filling dumper truck rumbles toward her. It does make you gasp as it thunders along, but taking out the driver is needlessly tricky as the windscreen seems to be made from bulletproof glass. A couple of clips from a machine gun help, but IO have made it seemingly indestructible in order to prolong one of their money shots. They've done the same thing with the police cars' tyres during chase sequences, as aiming at the wheels while hanging out of the getaway van will only knock the cars off course for a split second. This unfairly makes the game more difficult than it needs to be because Kane & Lynch is easy enough to pound through in about six hours. It's that short. This isn't what we expected from this gritty crime sim. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men had the potential to be something special but the chance has been missed. And it doesn't even come with an online co-op mode. Let's just hope IO have one eye on making a quality Hitman sequel rather than pouring any more of their efforts into these lifeless souls.

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The verdict

Bland characters, action-by-numbers. Easily the most disappointing game of 2007.

PlayStation 3
Io Interactive
Eidos Interactive