The Weirdest Gaming Records

Feature: Straight from the Guinness Book of World Records

When the Guinness Book of Records launches next February, it's going to include a section on gaming for the first time in its history. Or so we're told by the people that make it, and why would they lie?

Just in case you don't know what it is, think of the Guinness Book of World Records as the Olympic Records, just not limited to sports. So, if you're the best at running a half marathon backwards while eating a plate of spaghetti you'll be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Someone would have to run further and eat more spaghetti to beat you.

Now that games are included we can expect some truly bizarre gaming feats to be attempted. If you can play Halo over Xbox Live for 72 straight hours, coming first EVERY time, and without passing out, then you might just be a world record holder. And if the ladies down the pub don't find that impressive, frankly you're best off not bothering.

To celebrate the launch of the Guinness World Record Gamers Edition 2008 a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest Guitar Hero marathon relay will be held at HMV, Oxford Street, London on February 6 between 6-8pm. If you would like to be a 'record breaker' then you need to register via email. Find out more by visiting the official website.

Here's a selection of the more quirky records from the book.

Longest prison sentence for playing a video game
In September 2002, the UK's Faiz Chopdat was jailed for four months for playing Tetris on his mobile phone on a plane. Nobody has been jailed longer for playing a video game.

Smallest Dance Dance Revolution Mat
The smallest DDR mat in the world measures 10 cm (4 in) wide by 11.5cm (4.5 in) long and weighs just 20 g (0.7 oz) and is the world's first hand-held dance mat.

First game to inspire a ballet
The first video game to inspire a ballet was Dragon Quest.

First gaming clan to legally bind their players
The success of Counter-Strike inspired the first ever gaming clan to legally bind their players to the clan. The clan, SK Gaming, subsequently became the first clan to have a player bought out of their contract when Team NoA bought Ola "elemeNt" Moum for an undisclosed sum in May 2004.

Most expensive home-made flight simulation cockpit
Australian trucking tycoon Matthew Sheil has spent the last eight years constructing a flight simulator cockpit based around the Boeing 747-400. To date the project has cost $300,000 Australian dollars (£132,000) - it is the most expensive home-made flight simulation cockpit in the world.

Largest virtual beer festival
Once a year the warring factions of the Horde and the Alliance put down their arms and celebrate "Brewfest"; the world's largest virtual beer festival.

Most wins on Wii Sports
Most consecutive one-game wins of Wii Sports Tennis by an individual against multiple players is 21 set by Sta Kostrzewski (France) at Virgin Megastore, Paris, France on 7 November 2007. pictured

Character with the most real life stand-ins
Having been officially portrayed by nine different models, Lara Croft is the video game character with the most real life stand-ins.

Most prolific video game character
Mario has appeared in 116 distinct titles (not including remakes or re-releases) making him the most prolific video game character of all time.

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