2008's Best Nintendo Games

Feature: The ones for us hardcore gamers, that is

The DS will continue to do well - there's no doubt about that, but this is a crucial year for Wii.

Will Nintendo's currently phenomenally popular Wii continue to dominate the market, or will its bubble burst as some predict, making way for PS3 to storm in?

We can't tell you the answer to that, but we can tell you what games we're looking forward to most on Nintendo's two platforms, and that's exactly what we've done below.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Nintendo has been talking about it since the Wii was known as the Revolution, and we're still waiting for it to arrive.

But, in this case, we don't mind the wait because it looks like Nintendo is using the time to cram this game so full of features that you'll still be playing it in 2010. The selection of characters is amazing, from the usual suspects like Mario and Link, to unexpected but welcomed surprises like Sonic and Solid Snake.

Challenges are back, a new story mode added and more new moves than you could ever learn. The Assist Trophies, though, is out favourite a addition, and we can't wait to call on the Excitebike riders to maul some face. Genius.

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Mario Kart

While Nintendo is willing to blabber on about something new in Smash Bros every day, it chooses to be far more cagey with Mario Kart.

We know it's online, lets up to 12 players go at it on any of it's 16 new race courses at once, and features motorbikes. That's us sold already, and there's plenty more we're yet to discover, like what Nintendo will make of the Battle mode (there's loads of un-tapped potential there), what secret characters and new weapons are in the game and what the stunts do.

Above all, though, we're hoping it'll play much like Mario Kart DS game because Nintendo got it just right on the portable. There'll be riots if they take out the hop again...

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Sega Superstar Tennis

Sega is taking a leaf out of Nintendo's book once again in using it's long and much-loved heritage in a sports game, and Sega Superstar Tennis is already looking sweet.

Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi from Super Monkey Ball, Ulala of Space Channel 5 and Amigo from Samba De Amigo are some of the 15 characters revealed so far. And Sega has slapped the courts in environments from past games, like Green Hill Zone (Sonic), Samba and the first world in Monkey Ball. And being made by the guy responsible for Virtua Tennis, there'll be a good tennis game under all those retro treats.

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No More Heroes

You can always trust Suda (Goichi) 51 and his team to come up with something completely bonkers, and No More Heroes lives up to that reputation.

The unique art direction pays homage to the equally nutty Killer 7, the characters are psychotic killers and small touches like the health icon and other hud details being made of pixels is a nice touch.

You run around with a lightsaber sword slicing the crap out of people, stopping now and then for cut scenes that feature the most nonsensical dialogue you'll have ever heard. This sort of thing could only come from the Japanese.

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