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Article: First round-up of the new year?

In between rushing around massively crowded shopping malls, getting stuck in Christmas traffic jams and eating your weight in Twiglets you may have forgotten to check up on your favourite gaming website (that's us by the way) and missed the awesome selection box of features we posted. Raise a glass (of milk) then to 2008's very first 'round-up' feature.

We kicked off the week-long feature festivities with a look at some of the best Christmas cards we were sent by the world's finest developers and publishers. Konami's effort seemed to get the thumbs up from most of you. Not surprising since it featured a lovely cartoon drawing of Silent Hill's Triangle Head in the bottom right-hand corner.

Next up we took a closer look at the dark side of Cosplay, which, if anything, is great for keeping us entertained in those afternoons when we should really be writing about how many PSPs Sony sold in Japan last week. Not everyone gets it right and for that we salute you!

As Christmas Eve loomed we thought the time was right to take a look at the gaming records that'll be included in the Guinness Book of Records when the latest edition launches in February. Who was the first gaming clan to legally bind their players and what game has the most collectable items in it? Find out here.

We all know that the internet loves a good rant and we decided to join in on the one about the lack of gamers' games for Wii. Mike Jackson asks "what about us? The hardcore that've been at Nintendo's side through the dark days of GameCube? Has it been a good year for us? For the gamers that don't care for training our brains, or playing cooking simulators?" Read the rant and have your say.

2007 was the biggest and best year for gaming as far we can remember (and we can remember quite a few between us). But for every Halo 3 and Super Mario Galaxy there was a quality title that got lost in the crowd thanks to a bigger game with a bigger marketing budget. Here's our pick of some games that got lost in the noise.

So we're all playing a lot of Call of Duty 4 online right? Good. The fellows at PSM3 boast that while they're good (usually finishing in the top four of Free-For-All matches) there's always someone better. That's why they asked Team VVV, one of the best clans, for some tips. Never lose at COD4 by following PSM3's guide here.

New to PS3? Well PS3 themes was one of the biggest new features added in the much talked-about firmware version 2.0, and it allows you to change the entire look of your front-end menus. But it's not as straight-forward as we'd like it to be. Good job we've only gone and written up a guide about how to do then, isn't it?

While you were stuffing the remains of the turkey down your neck, you may have missed our look at some of the biggest games in development that have slipped under the radar. Last year saw several games go dark, which may be no surprise due to the fact that 2007 saw so many big releases. A bit about Banjo here.

We also took a look at 2007's biggest news as well as some of the best and worst box art we've ever seen.

As always you'll find more features than is probably good for you on the Features home page. Some people need telling, you know.