Just Cause 2

First details revealed in PSW Magazine

The latest issue of PSW magazine, on sale now, features a huge world-exclusive first look at a very pretty-looking Just Cause 2.

The preview explains how the new game will differ from the original exploits of Rico Rodriguez: "The original Just Cause offered an original take on the open world idea, here was a tropical island free to explore ... It was exhilarating. It was tremendous fun. It certainly wasn't 'real'.

"Thankfully the sequel is going to be bigger, broader and crazier," says PSW. "There's no sign of Eidos tethering Rico to anything as boring as realism. If anything, the added zap of PS3 power behind the game has enabled developer Avalanche to push its ideas further still."

The game's lead designer Peter Johansson is also interviewed, saying: "We identified the key areas we wanted to improve for Just Cause 2. We wanted to make better use of our huge game world, enhance the stunts, improve the combat and reward exploration more.

"We feel we have been successful at that and created a true sequel," he added.

The game uses a new Avalanche Engine 2.0, which means bigger and better things for sequel. "Firstly the old island is out, as you'd expect. In its place is the island of Panau, a tropical paradise in South East Asia ruled over by the ruthless dictator Baby Panay," explains PSW.

"Rico's job is to infiltrate and destabilise the island and return with his former CO, Tom Sheldon, who has gone AWOL on the island and fallen in with Panay."

PSW says the story is pretty basic, but goes on to say: "It's the island and the game's structure that holds the real surprises. Sitting above the familiar jungle canopy is a range of mountains covered in snow and ripe for playing around on."

Just Cause 2 is being designed with more scope for exploration and experimentation than the original notes the mag.

Johansson explains: "We've ditched the concept of side-missions." The mag emphasises Just Cause 2's emphasis on free-roaming play.

"Freedom is something of a myth - again GTA we're looking at you. In Just Cause 2 freedom should be more of a reality. The side-missions are out. You'll begin the game with nothing but your Cuban heels and a winning smile."

Exciting stuff. The full preview can be read in the latest issue (#103) of PSW, on shelves now, along with some really pretty screens.