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127 Nintendo Games for '08

See what you should be keeping an eye on in 2008

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9) Matsuno (TBC)

That's the Yasumi Matsuno project to you, buster. Yazz was a game director at Square Enix, overseeing projects such as Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy XII.

Little is known of his forthcoming Wii project, although he's a vocal advocate of the ol' shufflebox.


10) Mushroom Men (Spring)

Little tiny plants, awoken by sentience-giving magical cometdust, make like stupid humans by forming tribes and waging war with each other.

Razorblade axes, clothes-peg train tracks and similar Toy Story-ish reappropriation abound in this quirky platformer.

11) Alive (2008)

Taking place in the wake of an earthquake, this action game is apparently striving for real depth in its characters.

It places a greater requirement on teamwork and problem-solving rather than the old faithful (guns 'n' violence), making it an ideal game for females.

So claims Ubisoft's CEO Yves, who clearly has never worked with Chrissy. "Action plus," he calls it. That's not a joke.


12) Project Witches (TBC)

A third-person hack-'n'-slasher which lists among its key features: "sultry girls against satanic monsters".

Coders Revistronic are an unproven commodity, but Project Witches's emphasis on co-operative play suggests that this could be their breakout title.


13) Worms: A Space Oddity (Q1 Jan/Mar)

Right now, we're padding our coats with hot water bottles and plotting our path to chilly Ossett, West Yorkshire, to get an extended hands-on session with A Space Oddity at Team 17's offices - so look out for an extended preview soon.

In the meantime, all you need to know is that this is good old-fashioned two-dimensional Worms with a new-fashioned control system.

Each weapon has its own unique gesture, and the harder you whoosh, whack, wallop or whatever the remote, the more impact it has on screen.

As you can see from these shots, the pop-up book visual style is vaguely reminiscent of Yoshi's Story, and there's four-player online play over Wi-Fi in the pipeline, so we can't wait. In fact, we're off to Ossett now!


14) Blox (Mid 2008)

This is Steven Spielberg's project. It seems simple - underwhelming, even - but that belies a wealth of ideas and potential.

It's an old-school puzzle game that presents you with screens of increasingly complex block structures, which you can prod or pull with your pointer, or interact with in other ways, such as lobbing a ball at them.

Some blocks are 'special' - they disappear when you nudge them, or cause a small explosion. You have to fulfill conditions to pass on to the next screen, such as leveling the field with one throw.

Sound like it's got the life expectancy of a Spinal Tap drummer? Shush - there's a hugely versatile level editor: the demo video showed off a giant Mouse Trap-type contraption.


15) Red Steel 2 (TBC)

Never particularly watertight when it comes to leaks, Ubisoft outdid themselves by confirming a sequel to their flagship Wii launch game in Cannes last June, before cranking the Benny Hill music up to 11 and denying all knowledge at every turn afterwards.

Job ads on the Ubisoft website - searching for a Wii Online programmer at, hey!, their Paris office - would certainly seem to back up their Cannes faux pas.

Admittedly, Red Steel's edge has been blunted since that launch day (blame the likes of Metroid Prime 3), but its multiplayer had such a whiff of GoldenEye about it that you could almost smell the dam water closing in.

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