Prototype video developer diary update

Radical fills us in on one of this year's most gore-packed games. Plus: three new screens

Radical Entertainment is waxing lyrical about its super-violent game Prototype in a new video developer diary that can be viewed in our video player.

Gameplay footage included, the diary focuses predominantly on Blackwatch, a top secret Special Forces branch of the US military set up specifically to deal with biological outbreaks.

On top of that, we've three new screenshots for you.

It's Manhattan, 2008, and the game relates the tale of Alex Mercer - or the Prototype of the title - a man more than human with the ability to shapeshift who emits the whiff of genetic modification by the military.


He bears no recollection of who he is or how he has become what he has become but, as Radical Entertainment's producer Max Belanger puts it, he's "the ultimate badass".

It was recently announced that Prototype will be the first game to use 'Neural THX' sound, for surround sound ultra-geeks.