PC Gamer: Hottest Games of 2008

Feature: 110 reasons to be excited - part five

PC Gamer UK has picked out its hottest games of 2008, the list totalling an impressive 110 titles. The carnage continues below, and we'll be adding to the list over the coming days. Should you have missed previous parts of the feature, you can find links to them below.


Football Manager Live (ETA: March)
The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. The pick 'n' mix playfulness of fantasy football crossed with the devilish detail of the Football Manager series. It's got such potential and obvious appeal that it almost reeks of some cynical marketing meeting: "Guys, I just want to say this: 'FML, the MMO that's a new USP for our key IP!'"

But no. Rather like the bedroom-coded origins of Sports Interactive's first title - the genre-reviving and defining Championship Manager - the genesis of Football Manager Live is something much more personal. After working for years at Sports Interactive ever since leaving school, Champ Man's co-creator Oliver 'Ov' Collyer decided to take a break from it all and go travelling...

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Frontlines: Fuel of War (ETA: Spring)
This competitive multiplayer FPS could be what Battlefield 2142 should have been. It shares a similar near-future setting and team-play motif, and the two teams are at constant war, but it's no longer about capturing simple control points. It's about moving a battlefront forward.

The areas your team pushes your frontline over grant bonuses and weapons, so choosing to surge in one direction but leave another unclaimed might deny you destructive goodies essential to achieving victory.

The nature of the frontline also means the battle's focused in one area, rather than pockets of small skirmishes. And with up to 64 players and 60-odd vehicles and weapons (including various remote control drones) in the same scrap, we're expecting monstrous skirmishes that should shame Battlefield's stunted, almost random firefights. And there's even a single-player campaign.


Galactic Civilizations: Twilight of the Arnor (ETA: Spring)
All 12 civilisations get their own unique tech tree, along with the ability to build the Terror Star: GalCiv's answer to the Death Star. The visuals get an overhaul, too.


Ghostbusters (ETA: Winter)
Begin a gleeful countdown: this is going to be massive. In 2008, the original Ghostbusters - Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston (voiced by their original actors, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson respectively) - are going to reunite for one last time.

The big news: it won't be a film. It's a game, written by Ramis and Aykroyd, set in the '90s. It takes place against the backdrop of, yes, another ghoulie invasion of New York.

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