The OTHER upcoming Xbox games... (P2)

From Lost to Wheelman



Only one game you need to know about in K, and that's because it's the only one coming this year: Knights of the Old Republic 3. As we revealed last issue, well-placed sources are telling us Obsidian are handling development on the regular KOTOR, while Bioware take things online in a KOTOR MMO.



LA Noire. Not even officially confirmed for 360, but likely to make the trip over from its 'only on PS3' status once the exclusivity period has expired, this 40s-era private 'tec tale is from the team that did The Getaway, and made itself known to the world on the back of a tidy pre-rendered teaser trailer. Could be one to watch. As could The Last Remnant, a Square RPG that isn't Final Fantasy, pencilled in for this year, but probably more likely to go walkies into 2009, and Left 4 Dead , the corking-looking multiplayer survival horror from Turtle Rock, which uses Half-Life's startling Source engine to power its zombies and severed limbs.

Talking of severed limbs, can you imagine what it would be like to have your leg removed by a GIANT GRIFFIN? Because that's exactly the spine-tingling scenario in the brilliantly named Legendary: The Box, which paints the following, terrifying picture: what if some twat opened Pandora's Box and unleashed an awesome evil power, including werewolves and, er, minotaurs?

Moving on, we forecast Danish plastic brick companies will see their profits rise even more this year as Traveller's Tales dish out Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones, while Steven Spielberg can add some extra dollars to his already bulging pockets thanks to a multi-million tie-up with EA, and the mysterious LMNO. What is it? Who knows, but apparently it's an 'action adventure' where you pair up with a female companion. Sounds cosy. Two Lost's to finish up: first... uh, Lost, as in the frustrating/brilliant TV show of the same name, and secondly Lost Odyssey, Mistwalker's giant RPG, which - by the time you read this - will have hit Japanese stores to almost-guaranteed TOTAL MAYHEM.



Truth is, by the time you read this, Marvel Universe Online, the MMO superhero smash-a-thon from City of Heroes developers Cryptic, could already be dead and buried. US rumours continue to suggest it's not long for this world, but as we write this, official word hasn't broken. We're hoping it's not on its way out, as the idea is preposterously good, but as there's been virtually nothing on it for a year and a half, and Microsoft aren't even talking about it anymore, the signs, we'll admit, ain't good.

Rockstar's Midnight Club: Los Angeles brings freeform racing to the Angelino streets in late spring. We saw it a couple of months back and, while it looked impressive, it's going to have to go some to keep up with Burnout Paradise. Two all-action outings to round things off: one is DICE's Mirror's Edge, a glitzy-looking FPS set in a Half-Life 2-ish future, and Mortal Kombat, which will have the gritty look of Gears of War, according to series creator Ed Boon. How that works, we don't know. But still: bank on a lot of blood.



Unbelievably, only one game populates the N's in 2008 and that's Ninja Gaiden 2. Apparently less hardcore than its predecessor, Tecmo's Xbox classic gets a next gen makeover with hyper-lush environments and the most amount of blood in any game ever.

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