If it's broke, fix it

How would you reinvent some knackered old franchises?

There are many game series that we feel are past their sell-by-date. Indeed, there are some that have never even been in their sell-by-date. So here's how we think some dusty old series could be revived.

Dynasty Warriors
The Problem
Dynasty Warriors, since its inception in about 1910, has been about nothing other than constantly hammering the same button on the pad as hordes of feudal Japanese soldiers sprint towards you, before falling over dead. Sells loads in Japan, mind, so Koei probably don't care that we're sick of the game.
The Solution
Just some variety would do it. Stick in some more moves. Make the baddies look different to each other. Stick some imagination into the environments. Add some damn glamour to the proceedings, please. Use Onimusha as an example, and go from there.

Sonic The Hedgehog
The Problem
Pretty much every Sonic game since the switch to 3D has been pump. And even the 2D ones, like Sonic Rivals, have seen fit to add unnecessary elements, like racing and trap-setting, to proceedings. Also, Sonic's friends - Tails, Shadow, Amy, Cream, Eggman, Lord Pumpington, etc - are hateful. (We've made up one of these, by the way. Guess which one.)
The Solution
Forget the 3D games ever happened. Stick Sonic in 2D and make him go from left to right as fast as he can without any unnecessary trappings. You know, like the good old days. Although some sort of Shadow-torturing minigame might be fun.

The Problem
It's a bit slow. It's a bit boring. You can't really differentiate one player from the next. It hides behind the glamour of its licenses, looks and soundtrack. Bah.
The Solution
Well, as the franchise discovered in its last PS2 encounter, the solution seems to be to be just like PES - i.e. nick its controls, pace and slick gameplay. Sadly, the PS3 version forgot that idea and took a step backwards. Seriously, if FIFA can come back next year, borrowing PES's ideas again, throwing in a few new ones of its own and marrying the whole lot to its licenses and visuals, we'd probably think it was the best thing ever.

That's just a choice of three for you there - what other games need some fixing-upping (there are loads more you could choose from - Prince Of Persia, Def Jam, Harry Potter, the list goes on) and how would you do it? Do tell.