Super Smash Bros. eyes VC

Original N64 game tipped to coincide with Brawl

If rumours are anything to go by (and when are they not?), then Super Smash Brothers fans have got something special to look forward to when Brawl finally launches. To compliment the Wii debut of the franchise, the original Super Smash Bros. could be on its way to VC.

The source of the speculation is an issue of American magazine Nintendo Power, but without seeing scans of the publication it's hard to tell whether there was solid evidence for the claim or simply the whimsical ramblings of a wishful editorial team.

It wouldn't be the first time that Nintendo has used the Virtual Console service to compliment full release, though. Both Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime: Corruption were accompanied by the arrival of their predecessors on the VC.

But whether there's a need to re-release Super Smash Bros. is another question. Super Mario Brothers 3 is a far different game to Mario Galaxy which went a large way to justify its release. Ditto Metroid and Metroid Prime: Corruption.

However, the gameplay of Smash Bros. hasn't changed since the original, so in the coming age of Brawl, who would actually want it? Aside from Nintendo hardcore completionists, obviously.

If you would, let us know in the forums below. We want to know what you'll get from Super Smash Bros. that you won't enjoy with Brawl.