Giant, near-invincible robot new to Tekken 6

...called Nancy, probably for some Japanese-related reason we'll never understand?

The lack of Tekken 6 info is concerning. It's supposed to be out by the end of the year. But the latest gem to roundhouse its way out of Namco HQ concerns a robot called Nancy.

Easily the most interesting news we've heard about the game in a long while, Nancy is so large it takes up most of the screen and appears as your opponent in a bonus stage, according to reports.

Nancy isn't like other opponents. It doesn't block any moves and it can attack even when you're planting blows on its metallic chops. And just to make things harder, your attacks do hardly any damage. Oh and it's health is several times larger than yours. That hard enough for you?


The Tekken series needed another robot because Gun Jack is old and rubbish, and now it has one, with missiles, lasers and what looks from the image below (via Gamer Cetre Online) like a nasty spinning fist attack. Not sure about the name though. It should be called Crusher 3000x V12 or something.

It's not yet clear if Nancy will be a playable character, but at least it's cooler than the previous new character revealed - a fat hairy man called Bob.