Dead Rising 2 not developed by Capcom?

Second Zombie adventure to be farmed out to the West, says US mag EGM

This isn't the first rumour we've heard about a possible Dead Rising sequel, but it's certainly one of the most plausible since it doesn't promise either a PS3 exclusive and/or a release date tomorrow.

According to the monthly rumour page of US mag EGM, Capcom's long-expected zombie sequel well... isn't going to be Capcom's long-expected zombie sequel.

The mag says Dead Rising 2 has been farmed out to an unnamed North American developer based in the Los Angeles area. The first game was handled by Capcom superstar Keiji Inafune at Capcom Japan.

The mag goes on to suggest that the second game will be released on "multiple consoles". That's PS3 and Xbox 360, then.

Capcom's UK outfit doesn't seem to be around to comment today, but if the news turns out to be true we don't see it necessarily as a bad thing. Dead Rising is a game with a very Western-style of gameplay (open-ended, free-roaming) and Capcom obviously isn't keen to spread itself too thin - and neither are we.

Let Japan work away on Resi 4 and Street Fighter while the West pumps out a second Dead Rising - just get rid of that good-awful save system from the first one, please.