Gearbox's Aliens, Red Faction 3 info

No screens or real gameplay info yet though...

The first solid details (well, the names of) on Red Faction 3 and Gearbox's Aliens game have appeared in the latest issue of US Game Informer.

"Gearbox's Aliens game" will now be known as 'Aliens: Colonial Marines', while Red Faction III adopts the catchier title of Red Faction: Guerilla.

Seeming as no-one's got their hands on the mag yet (we've only got a cover picture), actual game details are still forthcoming.

Not really a big surprise to find no Predators in the Aliens shooter then, as its said to be following the Jim Cameron film (that's the wicked one with the shouty marines) very closely, which is very good news indeed.

As for Red Faction... let's just hope blowing up walls still holds its gimmick.

Stay alert for more details (and hopefully shots) very soon).