Brand New Podcast...

Plus: WIN a £1500 worth of games!

Been following our What Game Is This? magical mystery tour. Well, there's further hints in this week's podcast - plus you could also bag yourself a grand and a half's worth of games, just by reading on...

As always, you can download it in one of two ways: on iTunes (just search for Xbox World 360) or by clicking here. Remember, by subscribing to our chinwags on iTunes, you'll never, ever miss an episode.

Yep, with the law freshly laid down on the very best of the 360's catalogue in our latest issue (Lara's on the front, and it's in shops now!), here's your chance to win the thirty (count 'em!) best games on the Xbox 360, and er... Prey. We'll even throw in some gaming T-Shirts, a Halo 3 faceplate and the envy of every 360 gamer on the planet for our one lucky winner.

To enter, you'll need to show us your very worst gaming mistakes. You heard. Maybe you've bought a stone-cold stinker you absolutely love. Or a supposed corker you can't stand. Either way, it's time to dig through your collection and pose with your least favourite game.

Here's how the photo bit works: you want to show us how much you hated Dead or Alive Volleyball? We want a photo of you, with the game, maybe in some appropriate location, or doing something CRAZY-ASS that's reminiscent of the game. The sillier, funnier and more inventive, the better the chance of blagging the most treasured swag this side of the Ark of the Covenant.

Snap your shot with whatever you've got - webcam, phone or camera - and send it to us at with the subject line 'My Games Are Rubbish'.

Closing date: Friday 29th February. For full terms and conditions, see the forum.