Nintendo denies June 6 Brawl date

"Pure rumour and speculation." But we've got some new screens to make up for it

Those Super Smash Bros. Brawl UK fans who held their breath all this morning can breathe in a mouthful of disappointment. Reports that Brawl will launch on June 6 are false.

The internet had said that Nintendo had confirmed the game would hit shelves in early June, but Nintendo UK told us that, "This is pure rumour and speculation - no announcement has been made."

That does open up the question though, when exactly do you plan to release Smash Bros, Nintendo?

With Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit already dated for April in the UK, there's a fair bet we'll be firing blue shells and playing with virtual hula-hoops long before we get to smash Mario's face in with one of Sonic's razor-sharp spikes.


So, in an effort to make this a worthy news post, who would win in that contest, Sega and Nintendo fanboys? Answers below.