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Big Beach Sports coming to Wii

What's this? A new sports game? For Wii? How interesting...

THQ is preparing to release Big Beach Sports for the Wii in the summer of 2008, clearly tapping into an overlooked genre on Nintendo's system.

Big Beach Sports lets players compete in a number of outdoor sports, including American football, volleyball, football, cricket, disc golf and bocce, the later of which is like the best winter sports game of all time, curling. Except without the winter bit.

The game is being developed by HB Studios Multimedia, who has previously produced a series of EA Sports games for the PlayStation 2 and notably co-produced Madden NFL '07 for the Wii.

Up to four players can compete in the game, while the structure of the single player tournament encourages players to master each sport through the use of real-life sport motions.

How this applies to the football mode we can only guess - are you supposed to kick the Wii Remote around the floor? That'll hurt.