Movie producer files against Dead Rising

Lawsuit moves ahead despite Capcom's objections

A movie producer with the rights to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead movie sued Dead Rising developer Capcom on Monday after talks between the two parties failed.

As we reported earlier this month, Capcom sought an injunction against the MKR Group to prevent it suing the games company. But it seems it didn't get what it wanted.

"Both works are dark comedies," the complaint filed by MKR reads. "Both works provided thoughtful social commentary on the 'mall culture' zeitgeist, in addition to serving up a sizable portion of sensationalistic violence."

There's more than a healthy link between Dawn of the Dead and Dead Rising, but the crux of the lawsuit appears to be that they both feature zombies in a mall.

Based on that, you could say that the holders of HG Wells estate could sue Roland Emmerich because Independence Day features aliens invading a planet called Earth.

And to say that Dead Rising provided social commentary on anything is just a joke. The only thing razor-sharp in Dead Rising is the chainsaw blades the freaky clown uses to slice you up.

We'll be keeping a close watch on how the lawsuit proceeds. There's a fair bet any possibility of a sequel to a game some of us in the office bought our Xbox 360 for is tied to the outcome.