Resistance 2: Get your concept art here

Renders and artwork from Sony's sequel permitted for website use

They're not pretty screenshots like these, but Sony's new Resistance 2 renders and concept art is enough to get us pumped for the sequel - which looks ridiculously pretty by anyone's standards.

Though it was one of the best games in the PS3 launch line-up, Insomniac has thankfully listened to feedback from the original game, and focused on improving the enemy AI, checkpoints and health system for the sequel.

There's also support for an astounding sixty players in multiplayer gameplay, which focuses on squad-based shooting and character classes.

The Tank class, for example, gets all the big guns, Special Ops handle the long-range sniper action, and the Medic's their to patch up the rookies.

It's expected on PS3 at the end of the year. Head-to-head with Gears 2 maybe, which should be a good one to watch from the sideline.